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The purpose of this web site is to support and assist those who use Audiscan as a sales tool and to indoctrinate advertisers who recognize the obvious potential for the use of the Audiscan Report to get awesome results from their radio advertising dollar.

Audiscan does not try to "crank out" survey reports just for the sake of offering reports for every market. In fact, it is not the purpose of this web site to try to add a large number of markets to our list of available markets. Because of the intricate survey details and stringent quality control measures to assure accuracy, an extreme amount of work goes into each Audiscan Report, and we simply cannot handle the business. We will, however, in 2002, add some new markets if they can be incorporated into our current schedules. For example, when we scan a market such as Colorado Springs, Colorado, it is easy to add the market of Amarillo, Texas, while on the same scanning trip. Some additional new specialized surveys for individual advertisers will also be available in 2002 if they can be incorporated into our schedules.

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If you operate or represent a business that is automotive related or depends upon motor vehicles to bring in customers, you need Audiscan. Before you call Audiscan, call your radio station sales representative and ask them how their station stacks up in automobile listenership. If an Audiscan Report has been done in your market, and they have subscribed to it, they will be glad to share the results with you. If an Audiscan survey has been done in the market and that station does not subscribe, give us a call or fill out this contact page. If we have done a survey in your market, we will let you know which radio stations subscribe, so you can call them and get these results that can be so effective for your next radio advertising campaign. If there is currently no Audiscan Report available in your market, and you want to sponsor one, contact us. We may have other sponsors that will share the cost. If you prefer, we could schedule a customized survey just to meet your needs when we come to your market!

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If you're a sales manager, general manager, or owner of a radio station and want to explore the possibility of subscribing to the next Audiscan Report for your market, you're invited to contact us. Quite possibly, we could have a survey scheduled for your market. Or, if you would like to commission a new report for your market, contact us. Occasionally, we are contacted by advertisers who are interested in specific markets, and it could be that we have a commercial sponsor who also wants to sponsor or will co-sponsor a report with you for your market.

If you are a media buyer and Audiscan results have been presented to you by a radio station's sales representative, don't hesitate to contact Audiscan if you have any questions.

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