Motor Audience Reports for 20 Years



AudiScan works because:

  • All readings are taken electronically.
  • Each tabulation is a scientific electronic reading.
  • All basic results are facts, not estimates.
  • No format, call-letter, or slogan mix-ups.
  • Large accurate samplings give absolute preferences.
  • Reports are clear, concise, and very definitive.


The radio survey that can give
your business those fabulous
advertising results that you've
always known were possible!!

Featured in "Forbes" and "Venture"magazines and practically every newspaper in America and abroad!

Call your favorite radio station and ask their sales representative how their station ranks in automotive listenership and when is the best time to reach their motor listeners!

Although many have viewed with awe the astonishing results that this system is capable of producing, an Audiscan study should not be perceived as mystical or even amazing, but truly modern, scientifically produced, factual information that can be of astounding benefit to radio advertisers and programmers. For Audiscan information, call:(903) 927-2388.

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