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Customized Reports

Most Audiscan reports are complete 4,000 reading total market reports done in moderate-sized markets. For smaller markets, Audiscan offers a 2,000 reading report.

For the past few years, however, many smaller specialized reports have become popular. As with the complete Audiscan Reports, these reports are done for individual sponsors or occasionally done in conjunction with other advertisers or radio station(s).

Most are done, however, for individual advertisers who want a better, more specific way to reach their customers and potential customers who are listeners in motor vehicles. Each report is designed by the sponsor with regard to the time periods, location of scans, and in some surveys, specific types of vehicles that are scanned. Unlike complete Audiscan Reports, these reports are sponsored and paid for by the advertiser(s) for their sole use, and these options are at their discretion.

These types of reports have become astronomically effective for many advertisers who have certain, specific needs in reaching customers. Customized reports have been commissioned for theme parks, resort areas, individual auto dealerships, malls, shopping centers, business centers, hardware chains, and individual fast food locations.

One such customized report has been so effective for a dry cleaning chain that it has been commissioned each year for the past 11 years. Other resort cities and theme park cities have also been surveyed for several consecutive years. These specialized reports can be performed in any sized market.

Of course, these customized reports are not nearly as costly as the complete market reports, and if they can be scheduled during a complete market report, they are inexpensive. If you have a goal to reach a specialized audience or to reach them at a specific time or place, contact Audiscan by filling out the contact page, and we'll do our best to lend our expertise toward reaching the customer for you.

For more information on a special report for your business, fill out the Audiscan contact page or call Audiscan at (903) 927-2388.

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