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To be Successful
with any type of Advertising
  You must find WHERE your audience is and HOW you can reach it...  
What is the top media in American homes...Television or Radio?
TELEVISION, of an unquestioned NUMBER ONE in HOMES
To be more successful
with Radio Advertising
You must find WHAT your motor audience is listening to and WHEN you can reach them...

Most radio listening takes place in motor vehicles, especially listening that "hears" the advertisers' commercials. So, if an advertiser wants a better chance of getting results from radio advertising, it is imperative they know when and on what station to place their ad schedules.

The FIRST STEP toward getting "AWESOME" radio advertising results is securing this information about your market's motor audience.


You get it from Audiscan because:

  • Audiscan Reports are based on ACTUAL scientific electronic frequency READINGS.

  • SAMPLINGS ARE VERY LARGE, so all tabulated results are very definitive.

  • Audiscan Report tabulations ARE NOT ESTIMATES.

  • They ARE ELECTRONIC FACTS. They are not based on listener "recall"....and they are not based on what some listener "thought" they were listening to.

  • With Audiscan, there is NEVER ANY "WEIGHTING"... No allowances need be made to be fair and balanced.

  • Reports are PUBLISHED PROMPTLY after scans are completed (2 to 3 weeks in most cases). In many markets, because formats are changing so often, audience figures can change very quickly. Audiscan Reports are delivered while the RESULTS ARE FRESH AND EFFECTIVE!

  • Reports are CLEAR, UNCOMPLICATED, EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND USE in placing radio advertising schedules for maximum effect.


User Comments

It is as accurate as a comparison of one person's blood with another" ... veteran Texas radio manager

"With this (special report) I'm finally getting results for the dealership that we've been looking for"... Louisiana Ford dealership owner

"There's no other way I could find out anything about this affluent traffic without your service.(Audiscan)". California store owner

"It's the most accurate methodology ever come up with"... Texas station owner

"There's no other way for me to know what the 50,000 cars are listening to when they come here at the first of each month for "trade days". It (Audiscan) has worked great for us". Texas General Motors dealership owner

"It's a great piece of research..we now have real proof that not all C&W listeners drive pickups with gun racks"... Kansas station group president

"This is our 8th year to use Audiscan for the "Music Row" traffic, and our sales (advertising) to clients keeps getting better" Missouri station general manager

"It's great to look out your front door at the thousands of cars out there and to know at least half of them have their radio on. It (Audiscan) makes our sales job much easier". Texas station sales manager

"Being able to reach the car audience before they enter the (theme) park is a tremendous advantage for us". Tennessee advertising rep

"Audiscan surveys are just like testing for DNA, now the truth can be told". Louisiana & Texas group owner

"By breaking the survey down into different areas of town we have been able to show merchants that have never advertised here before the area we are strong in, and in turn able to sign them up". Arkansas station general manager

"The survey done here has proven beneficial, both in added revenue for the station and in programming". Louisiana station sales manager

RADIO ADVERTISING directed toward motor listeners works because:

Automotive listeners are CAPTIVE and RECEPTIVE.

Automotive listeners are always only 24 to 36 inches from a radio speaker.

There is NO COMPETITION in a motor vehicle like the listener would experience at home, such as television, kids, and various distractions.

In all markets that Audiscan surveys, AT LEAST 50% or more of vehicles scanned have the radio on.

Automotive listeners are exposed to radio programming through "foreground" imaging which basically means "up close and personal".

The Last Chance

In addition to consistently influencing the listener on various matters and decisions, CAR RADIO ADVERTISING gives the advertiser the absolute LAST CHANCE to reach the customers before they make a purchase or a business decision. Even LAST MINUTE political voting decisions can be effectively influenced by car radio advertising. In today's political scene, last-minute vote changes (if only a few votes) can be decisive in any type of election.

A videotape produced about Audiscan by a Texas radio station states:

"Radio advertising can bring a driver to an advertiser's door even as the driver may be heading to a competitor's store. It lets the advertiser get in the LAST WORD."

How do I know if Audiscan is right for my Business?

For businesses that require intricate demographic details for placement of their radio advertising schedules, Audiscan is NOT the survey for you. There are some of the finest and most complete diary and telephone surveys in the world available to you, and they should be very beneficial.

However, if your business is automobile related or if your customers come to you by automobile, then Audiscan has all the details you need to effectively place your radio advertising schedules. We at Audiscan HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE that we have no equal when it comes to giving you information that will get you results for your radio advertising dollar!

It is the purpose of this web site to educate and indoctrinate those who are not familiar with a report such as Audiscan. Over the years, several radio station subscribers have been so "sold" on Audiscan that they have produced sales brochures, pamphlets, videotapes, and other presentation materials about its impact on their customers. In fact, it is at their urging that this informational web site was created. One such radio station that has subscribed to the Audiscan Report for several years also sponsored a special Audiscan Christmas Report and then produced a brochure from which the following description of Audiscan was copied. We at Audiscan feel it is vey descriptive of our service and feel it will be helpful to those who are just now finding Audiscan...

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